Home production slows

WASHINGTON — Homebuilders slowed their pace of construction by a sharp 0.8% in August, the second straight monthly decline. A steep drop in multifamily construction more than offset a gain in single-family-home building.

Finding solutions to our affordability crisis

We hear a lot about the housing crisis. We are told that if we just build more, the problem will be solved. There is no doubt we need to build more housing, but just increasing housing supply without accompanying actions to temper rapidly escalating rents does nothing to confront the problem of affordability. Moreover, San Mateo County is projected to add close to 95,000 jobs in the next 25 years. Without countervailing management of the intense job growth fueling the housing demand, supply has little chance of ever catching up.

‘I can’t sleep’

Holding handmade posters highlighting health concerns, members of the community gathered outside a San Mateo apartment building in support of tenants who say they’re facing steep rent increases despite their homes being infested with cockroaches, bedbugs and mold.

16 Families Face Exorbitant Rent Increases Amid Cockroach and Bedbug-Infested Conditions in San Mateo

SAN MATEO, CA – Members of the faith community, renters, and local advocates will hold a press conference and prayer vigil to stand up against the extreme rent increases and unsafe living conditions that families at a 17-unit building at 314 East Poplar Ave, are facing.

Editorial: Ben Carson’s HUD report on housing for the poor is an eye opener

“Dr. Carson, this is not brain surgery: Businesses that need to turn a profit will never produce decent housing for low or extremely low income Americans without subsidies. With $2 million fixer-uppers and working people living in tents, the Bay Area tends to think of itself as the epicenter of the affordable housing crisis. Like … Continue reading Editorial: Ben Carson’s HUD report on housing for the poor is an eye opener