We are a community coalition bringing together a broad swath of the people who make the city of San Mateo what it is.

We are homeowners and renters, teachers and students, mechanics and professors, recent immigrants and longtime residents, business people and nonprofit workers, political leaders and faith leaders, all coming together for one uniting purpose…

…to advance just, equitable, and across-the-board housing solutions for all people—in particular for low-income people, working people, people of color, elderly people, disabled people, and others often marginalized.

Read a further statement of our mission & values.

One San Mateo is chiefly made up of the Steering Committee, the Policy Committee, and the Outreach Committee.      

Chair of the Steering Committee:

John Fyfe

Vice Chair of the Steering Committee:

Karyl Eldridge

Secretary of Communications:

Justin Alley

Secretary of Records:

Christopher Sturken


Imelda Navarro

Chair of the Policy Committee:

Esther Conrad

Chair of the Outreach Committee:

Gloria Moreno

Our Charter