Follow the money

Here is a letter to the editor from our very own Renjit Mathew.


Big money is arguably the most corrosive factor in American politics today. We have seen this nationally, and we are now seeing this in our local city council elections.

It is easy to find out the financial backers of each candidate by visiting the city of San Mateo’s website. Everyone should check this out for themselves. What I found surprised me. One interest group, the real estate lobby, is spending large amounts of money to help elect one candidate, Eric Rodriguez, over all the others. 

The National Association of Realtors (based in Illinois) and the California Apartments Association (Sacramento) have spent over $21,000 in support of Mr Rodriguez’s campaign. No other candidate has received more than $1,000 from either of these, or similar, lobby groups. It’s clear that the real estate lobby has picked a candidate to represent their interests.

These are groups outside our city who are attempting to influence our elections. Sound familiar?

I’m concerned that the residents of San Mateo are losing control of their town to special interests outside our city. I hope that we are able to see through the glossy campaign brochures and discern whose interests each candidate will actually represent. I urge everyone to investigate for themselves, follow the money, and vote accordingly.

Renjit Mathew
San Mateo

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