What Do Tenant Protections Look Like Post AB 1482?

Tenant Protection Act Legal Workshop
6:30 – 8:45 P.M.
January 22
Main Library
1044 Middlefield Road 
Redwood City, CA 94063

One Redwood City (formerly Fair Rents, Redwood City) will be hosting a legal clinic for housing justice folks (like you)! Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto (CLSEPA) and Legal Aid Society of San Mateo attorneys will form a panel to review and to answer questions about the California Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482). We know that none of our cities are equipped to educate tenants and to fully support this new state law, and it will be up to us to truly get the word out and protect tenants against landlord backlash.

[EVENT] San Mateo City Council Meeting on Emergency Ordinance to Protect Tenants

This Monday night, the San Mateo City Council will discuss an emergency ordinance very similar to the ones passed unanimously in Redwood City and Daly City. This emergency ordinance would make the provisions of AB 1482—the rent cap and ban on unjust evictions—effective immediately. This way landlords cannot continue to take advantage of the time between now and January 1st (when AB 1482 goes into effect throughout the state) to hit tenants will extreme rent increases and unjust evictions.

It’s very important that we show up Monday night to make sure that the Council does what is in their power to smooth the road forward for tenants.

Will California protect tenants?

A good read from Randy Shaw of the San Francisco Tenderloin Housing Clinic on the merits of AB 1482: “Will California protect tenants?”
In 2019, Oregon’s legislature reversed its rent control and just cause ban and passed a statewide rent cap and just cause eviction law. New York’s legislature greatly strengthened New York City’s rent control law and shifted control of the law from the state to the city.
California, the state with the worst affordability and the bluest state legislature, needs to follow this path. With a Democratic Governor backing AB 1482 and a Democratic super-majority in the Legislature, a California Democrat Party that walked the talk on economic fairness would pass the bill in a heartbeat.
But the California real estate industry has the same vice grip over California Democratic legislatures that the NRA has over GOP U.S. Senators. In both cases the actual merits of legislation are not important; instead, it’s all about sticking to the real estate/NRA line.