San Mateo Housing Story #1: Pamala Sommers’s Story

My current job brought me to California from North Carolina, 26 years ago. I have lived in several locations around San Mateo County. I was a homeowner for 8 years and am now a renter. Through the years, my rent has not increased much, but recently, the owners of my current place decided to raise my rent by hundreds of dollars on two occasions. On August 28, I was issued an eviction notice, with 60 days to vacate. I’m having difficulty not only financially, but also emotionally. I recently had minor surgery, and feel that my healing is being delayed due to the emotional stress. We need to realize that big companies are taking over OUR communities and driving out people like me who have established families and do not want to leave the area.

Higher prices squeezing both renters, would-be homeowners

A diminished supply of available homes is swelling prices in large U.S. metro areas from New York to Miami to Los Angeles, squeezing out would-be buyers and pushing up rents as more people are forced to remain tenants. – See more.

OP-ED: New downtown plan — why now?

San Mateo is in the midst of a three-year community engagement process that will result in a revised Downtown Specific Plan. Why now? The current Downtown Plan, adopted in 2009, addresses all the desires repeatedly expressed by the community and charts a long-term course for managed growth, housing and office development, protection of the historic core and provision of pedestrian enhancements. Yet, there are forces at play that wish to remake the downtown.

Many in San Mateo County priced, pushed out of affordable housing

Many low-income San Mateo County tenants have been priced out of their neighborhoods and driven to homes much farther away, leaving them with fewer job options and health services, longer commutes and greater environmental and safety concerns, according to a new study. – See more.