Attention San Mateo Residents…

Each year the City of San Mateo prepares an Annual Action Plan that identifies activities that are important to the San Mateo community and can be funded with  federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. Planning is taking place for a new five year Consolidated Plan for 2018-23 as well as the Action plan for 2018-19. CDBG has several eligible funding categories including public service grants to non-profit agencies, affordable housing, and community development activities.

Tune in tomorrow to KIQI 1010AM to hear an interview with One San Mateo’s Imelda Navarro

Please tune in tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. to KIQI 1010AM to hear a live interview with our very own Imelda Navarro. She will be talking about the ongoing housing crisis, how it has been affecting Latinos, and what Latinos can do and have been doing to fight for candidates and policies that will address the issues that matter to them.

The program can be streamed online here.

Share the word so that the interview might have as large an audience as possible.

It Was a Forum for All

On October 1st, One San Mateo held its candidates’ forum. For us being new as an organization to the San Mateo scene, and for it being, therefore, our first candidates’ forum, we couldn’t be happier with how it went. Attendance was great. The crowd was the most diverse of any you will see at the San Mateo candidates’ forums.

[Live Stream] One San Mateo Candidates’ Forum

For those who unfortunately cannot attend our candidates’ forum in person,  there’s good news. You can still participate in a live stream of the event here on our Facebook page.

Out of the questions submitted by the audience at the event and any questions that people submit through the live stream, one will be selected to be asked and answered during the forum, and one will be selected to be answered in written form on our website.

Roundup of Our August 27th Kickoff

One San Mateo has arrived and is ready to make a difference.

I’m pleased to say that One San Mateo’s kickoff was a success! An abundance of good people were in attendance, and I genuinely believe new connections were made across a variety of lines. Thank you to everyone who came, braved the record-breaking heat, and made the event possible!

Affordable housing advocates should take part in these two California conversations

Affordable housing finance and development is a big topic in the State Capitol this year, and it is also a big topic for affordable housing advocates around the state. With state and federal funding for affordable housing continuing to be unpredictable and inadequate, robust housing solutions on the local level have proven to be the most productive.