Committee Hearing on AB 1506, the Repeal of Costa-Hawkins

It’s not too late to raise your voice in favor of AB1506, the California Assembly bill to repeal Costa-Hawkins. Also, consider ways to participate in tomorrow’s committee hearing and future discussions. It’s long past time to repeal this corrupt law. Now is our chance!

From Tenants Together:

The bill to repeal Costa-Hawkins and let cities choose to close the loopholes in local rent control, AB 1506, has twice the number of official supporters than opposition going into the Housing Committee hearing tomorrow morning (take a look at the committee report). We expect a big showdown between the landlord lobby on one side and tenants and their allies on the other, so that support is a big boost to our campaign.

Click here to send a letter NOW to your state representatives to urge their support.

Also CALL Assemblymembers Chau and Wood urging their YES vote on AB1506 to get the bill out of committee tomorrow(916) 319-2049 and (916) 319-2002

Why is it important to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act? Tenants Together has put together a brief explainer to read and share with friends and neighbors.

Be sure to join us tomorrow, whether in-person at the Housing Committee hearing, or online by following the hashtag #RepealCostaHawkins. That hashtag works on both Facebook and Twitter. The livestream will also be available starting at 9am on CalChannel if you will be watching from home.

No matter what happens tomorrow at the Housing Committee, we are dedicated to fight for renters rights, repeal Costa-Hawkins by any means necessary, and build tenant power for the long-term.



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