One thought on “Letter to the Council: One San Mateo’s Goals for the City

  1. Rick Bonilla noted the first two points at the Goal Setting Meeting (aka Retreat). Note that three folks (members of the public) spoke in the beginning about how “mom and pop” small apartment buildings would be harmed or put out of business by the types of tenant protections being discussed. They spoke well. No one from the public spoke for tenant protections. This is unfortunate since all department heads were at this gathering. Also, that guy who often speaks about how rents are on average lower than reported yet again stood up with his message that the average rent is $1,050. I thought of speaking after him to note that this likely includes workers who are living two per room in rental share and paying $600, which brings down the average.
    Home for All came up. Eric Rodriguez was confused about its purpose versus what came up at this meeting on council members’ priorities. It was explained that this effort is only about hosting an inclusive conversation at this point.

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