The Best San Mateo Has to Offer: Noelia Corzo for San Mateo-Foster City School Board

Noelia’s roots, both with San Mateo and One San Mateo, run deep. She was born and raised in San Mateo. Likewise, she was a charter member of One San Mateo. Meaning that in both cases she has been with us since the beginning. 

From a family of Guatemalan immigrants, Noelia has long recognized the importance of and played a part in working for a San Mateo that has a place for all people. She has put in innumerable hours working for her community, engaging with some of the central issues of our time: housing, immigration, education.

One San Mateo Endorses Rick Bonilla, Chelsea Bonini, and Charlie Drechsler for San Mateo City Council

On November 7, voters in San Mateo will decide who should fill three out of five seats on the City Council. The stakes are high. Will these seats be filled by people who will work hard to address our city’s critical housing problems? Will these council members be leaders in our community who will listen and respond to the needs of all residents of San Mateo? After conducting a thorough review of each of the seven candidates, One San Mateo believes that Chelsea Bonini, Rick Bonilla, and Charlie Dreschler are best equipped to provide the leadership our city needs.