Opinion: A Tale of Two Cities: Developer Fees in Foster City and San Mateo

By Justin Alley Two stories featured on the front page of the July 10th issue of the San Mateo Daily Journal closely mirror each other. One talks about how integral developer fees are to Foster City’s budget. Indeed, whether or not Foster City runs a deficit in years to come hinges upon developer fees. The … Continue reading Opinion: A Tale of Two Cities: Developer Fees in Foster City and San Mateo

Letter: Affordable housing to take back seat in Burlingame again?

Burlingame’s City Council will vote late on Monday evening, July 3, whether to accept the terms in an agreement with Topgolf, an entertainment facility that is planned to be built on Bayfront property. The site is public land — former landfill and unsuitable for housing. By state law, if it were suitable, the land would have to be offered to affordable housing developers. We assert that the revenue from renting the land should by all rights be put into an affordable housing fund.

Reflection #1: Forever Free

We often begin our meetings with a reflection which helps put our work in context and maybe even provides us with some hope and inspiration. Here we would like to make some of those reflections available for all. From our meeting on June 18, 2017: Forever Free: Edmonia Lewis, Marble, 1867 by Tyehimba Jess What … Continue reading Reflection #1: Forever Free

OP-ED: New downtown plan — why now?

San Mateo is in the midst of a three-year community engagement process that will result in a revised Downtown Specific Plan. Why now? The current Downtown Plan, adopted in 2009, addresses all the desires repeatedly expressed by the community and charts a long-term course for managed growth, housing and office development, protection of the historic core and provision of pedestrian enhancements. Yet, there are forces at play that wish to remake the downtown.