Neighbors at risk / Seeking your help

The eviction cliff is rapidly approaching, and many of our neighbors are at risk. With the statewide eviction moratorium set to expire on January 31, thousands of Bay Area families face the very real danger of being forced from their homes.

One San Mateo is joining the effort of the faith community to prevent this, and we ask you for your support. Please participate in the call-in campaign now underway to persuade state legislators to vote in favor of two bills that have been proposed.   

  • AB 15 extends the moratorium originally put into place by AB 3088 until the end of 2021, protecting tenants from eviction as long as they pay a designated portion of their rent
  • AB 16 is intended to address the long-term impacts of the pandemic on tenants, small landlords and affordable housing providers

The links below will take you to talking points and connect you with the office of your state legislators:


You can also have the links sent to your phone by texting NOEVICTIONS to 40649.

This request is especially urgent since the moratorium is due to expire very soon. Please call right away and help keep our neighbors in their homes.

Thank you!

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