[EVENT] Eviction tsunami looms – Attend action 8.21.20 to stop the wave

Renters by the thousands are at immediate risk.  Unless our Supervisors take action now, a tsunami of evictions will begin crashing all around us, forcing families from their homes and leaving many without a place to live.

The People’s Alliance of San Mateo County (PASMC), in conjunction with LUNA and El Comite de Vecinos, is planning an action for Friday, August 21 to pressure the Board of Supervisors to convene a special meeting for the purpose of extending the eviction moratorium in San Mateo County.  If the Supervisors fail to act, ours will become the only county in the Bay Area that has allowed its moratorium to expire on August 31.

According to new figures released by the Bay Area Equity Atlas, 6,900 households in San Mateo County are at imminent risk of eviction, including 4,100 children.  The end of the $600 in Pandemic Unemployment Insurance puts yet another 5,600 households at risk.  These thousands of families will be subject to devastation if the eviction tsunami is allowed to crash.

The press will be invited to the action on Friday, and a strong turnout by tenants and advocates will be crucial to demonstrating a high level of community concern.  Please plan to attend and make every effort to get others to do the same.  Everyone can be assured that COVID-19 protocols will be observed, including social distancing and the wearing of masks.

The details are here:

Protest and Pressure Event to Extend Eviction Moratorium

Friday, August 21 @ 4 P.M.

Courtyard in front of 400 County Center in Redwood City

To stop the eviction tsunami and keep people in their homes

For those so inclined, there is another way you can contribute to the success of the event. We will be preparing a collage to present to the Supervisors, and we invite attendees to bring a sheet of paper no larger than 8-1/2” X 11” to add to it.  This should contain a message that you would like to be sent to the Supervisors, such as:

  • A compelling statistic or set of statistics
  • A letter to the Supervisors
  • A photo
  • A few bold words
  • A poem
  • A statement of how much back rent you owe
  • A handmade drawing

Please mark your calendars and help to make this a blow-out event that puts the Supervisors under enough pressure that they decide to act.  The end of August is near, and the well-being of thousands of families is at stake.  Help stop the wave!

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