Do we echo the past?

By Karyl Eldridge, Vice Chair of One San Mateo

Glimmers of hope are appearing in unexpected places. It flickers in hearts and minds long darkened by disillusionment and despair. Will this country and its people finally be willing to wrestle with the twisted lie of racial superiority that has deformed our consciousness and culture for hundreds of years? Is the accumulation of horrors and righteous disgust with the status quo enough to propel us to overcome our persistent denial about the scale and intensity of racial injustice in this country? In unexpected places, people dare to hope.

And so it is with me. As I witness the outpouring of indignation by people across racial, ethnic, economic and geographic lines, I dare to believe that an awakening has occurred and that change may be at hand. At the same time, I am sobered by the realization of how much coming-to-terms will be required if we are to dismantle the corruption of the twisted lie.

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