A Quick Last Minute Call for Action

Can you do one last little thing to help the tenants of San Mateo County?

Based on community stakeholders’ conversations with County staff, we want to ask people to write in once more driving home the following key points:

  1. No-fault evictions must be included in the moratorium.
  2. There should be a freeze on all nonpayment evictions, not just for tenants who write to the landlord to tell them that they cannot pay the rent for a reason related to COVID-19. Landlords should have to wait until after the emergency ends to issue any Three Day Notices to Pay or Quit.
  3. Tenants should be allowed to notify the landlord about the reason they could not pay the rent, and provide documentation of that reason, at any time until they are actually evicted. Many tenants won’t know or understand the process until after an eviction case is filed and they meet with a lawyer.

You can write the Board of Supervisors directly at this address:


Their meeting is tomorrow morning at 9 A.M. So now is the time to act!

Thank you for following along through this process. We are deeply grateful for everyone’s help in advancing this important emergency ordinance. Given that it will affect the lives of so many people throughout San Mateo County who are doing everything they can to just hold on right now, we owe it to them to get it right.

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