A Roundup of Recent Articles on the Bay Area’s Housing Affordability Crisis

Two recent articles reconfirm what many of us know all too well: the Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis continues unabated.

Local rents continue to climb high

Reports: Costs in San Mateo County jump, raising questions about economic impact

Rents in San Mateo — already among the nation’s most expensive — jumped again in July, marking the seventh straight month during which the cost of living locally increased, according a recent report. – See more.

Study: Majority of Bay Area locked out of home sales market

Potential homebuyers trying to break into the Bay Area real estate market without a high-paying tech job or financial help from family may find the American dream of home ownership slipping right out the window.

“Many younger residents are particularly affected, unable to buy in the very neighborhoods where they grew up, some real estate agents say.”

A California Association of Realtors study released last week showed that — with Bay Area median home prices soaring over $1 million and median incomes insufficient to carry such loans — fewer than 1 in 5 Bay Area residents can afford to buy into the local market. – See more.

We need to do more to address this out-of-control crisis. But no single policy by itself will sufficiently address the problem. What we continue to require are across-the-board solutions.

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