It Was a Forum for All

The candidates came, they saw us, and they were questioned.

On October 1st, One San Mateo held its candidates’ forum. For us being new as an organization to the San Mateo scene, and for it being, therefore, our first candidates’ forum, we couldn’t be happier with how it went. Attendance was great. The crowd was the most diverse of any you will see at the San Mateo candidates’ forums.

Just as important, the audience was engaged and lively. People participated in person and virtually through our live stream of the event on our Facebook page. We were also very pleased with the number and quality of the audience submitted questions. As always, we wish we could have asked the candidates more questions.

20171001_195119 bright

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event such a success—to the people who helped whip together our impressive turnout, to the question askers (some of whom had to fill in last minute for others who got sick), to our own Policy Committee for drafting the questions for the candidates, to the audience members who submitted questions of their own, to the people who helped us utilize the Congregational Church of San Mateo’s facilities, to John Fyfe for undertaking the arduous task of moderating the proceedings, to the candidates for trusting us to ask fair and worthwhile questions, and to everyone else, including all of you in the audience, who gave some of your time for a forum devoted first and foremost to the most burning issue in San Mateo, housing.

We encourage you to watch the recording of the live stream of the event to help shape your views of the candidates. Please share it with others who weren’t there.

And we also encourage you to check back on October 8th for when we post the candidates’ answers to the one additional question we selected from audience submissions to be answered electronically. At the same time, we will also post our finalized endorsement of the three candidates we think best for the San Mateo City Council. We hope you will follow all of this.

There is much going on and much that needs to be done to fight for the San Mateo we hold dear. So stay active and engaged with us!

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