National Week of Housing Action – July 22-29


Help Us Deliver Thousands of Signatures to Represent the Thousands of Bay Area Families At Risk of Homelessness Under the Trump-Carson Budget Cuts to Housing

The Trump-Carson housing budget proposes steep cuts to affordable housing programs vital to our communities. In the Bay Area alone, estimates show that 5,750 residents and families will be at risk of becoming homeless due to these cuts.

Help us collect signatures from around the Bay Area to represent the devastating impacts this proposal would have on our communities and neighbors.

We will deliver the letter, signatures, and comments in-person to House Minority Leader Pelosi’s office during the National Week of Action for Housing (July 22-29.)

Add your signature and personal comments to the letter to urge Congresswoman Pelosi to fight back against the Trump-Carson budget and support Bay Area affordable housing. 

We believe all Americans should have access to a safe, affordable home. Join us in supporting affordable housing by adding your voice now.


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